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Nothing wrong with smoking a little weed to unwind after a long day. A Pulp Fiction movie poster taped to your wall is just one step above refrigerator magnets in the hierarchy of home decor. These gas-guzzling relics from the 90s already exist deep into no-go territory. But using a flip-phone will instantly add 30 years to your age in ways that unhealthy living can only dream of.

Dating In Your 40s: Searching for Serious

For more advice on living your best life, follow us on Facebook now! Toggle navigation. Faceboook Twitter Instagram. Pets BL Golf Newsletter. Smarter Living. The velcro wallet is way past its expiration date.


By Eric Spitznagel May 23, Sign up. Latest News. Believe it or not, the prototype for Facebook is from Don't mess with a gemsbok. Small prices, big changes. You do have to take it easy, but you're not down for the count. Confusing cats, mop marriages, and a whole lot of photoshop fails. These films are officially certified fresh. It fell between us with a thud. Finally, it was over.

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Polite goodbyes, awkward little peck, done. As I was walking home, I received the following text message: But the question, mangled as it was, stayed with me: The truth is I am at an awkward age, caught between hopeless romantic, hedonistic bachelor and desperate spinster.

Life After 'Death'? 10 Reasons Why The 40s Are My Best Gay Decade Yet | HuffPost

I am not jaded enough to compromise for someone who is not a good match, too old to enjoy mindless hedonism and not old enough to resign myself to my situation. And, if I can shed 40 years of propaganda, I may come to feel what my mind already knows to be true: Despite that traitor Clooney.

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3 Essential Steps to Lasting Self-Esteem

I could easily imagine my own life like this as 33 year old me is a lot more sure of himself than 23 year old me ever was. More of this style of writing, please. I just turned 31, but I feel like my outlook has changed so much over the past few years.

I used to have so much anxiety in general but particularly around men which is partly why I dated women until I used to be so self-conscious and paranoid. I was scared to for-real speak my mind which must come as a suprise to many here. Life is a journey for everyone. And yes, more hopeful, practical talking articles like this and less hyper focus on sex would be nice.

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Wow…so many similarities. As someone who just turned 40 and am the happiest I have ever been physically and emotionally, this was such a great article. My 30s were more about career and building a foundation of true friendships and wanting stability. At 40, I feel like everything has come together personally and professionally and I am more willing to celebrate being gay, which is something I never really did before.

Life After 'Death'? 10 Reasons Why The 40s Are My Best Gay Decade Yet

So this decade I honestly expect to be the best yet to enjoy it all. I was still in deep denial about my age, but my body had other things in mind. That was when I just let all that anxiety go and accepted that I am just getting old — deal with it. And as I turn into a potato, my husband is only with getting hotter with age. Found out at an early age that other gay men would not end up being the community I needed, and would have loved being a part of.

My family has supported me from day one. The gay community only cares if you have money, look a certain way, are under a certain age, or have achieved a high level of education or success. Around 25 I questioned whether I wanted to end my life: If I was going to continue my life I was going to have to be fine with being gay, but also be fine with being alone and not physically part of a community of people I became so disappointed in. Life does go on. Being gay you must have a thick skin because these other men will not be of much support or even care about what happens to you.

If its any comfort, Windsor, I found the love of my life at You have to be open to the possibility of a relationship and, perhaps, keep looking but be patient.

50 Things No Man Over 40 Should Own

Could I respectfully suggest that you also need to ditch the negativity that comes through in your post. Reading this article meant a lot to me! As a freshly 31 y. Always have.