Do gay guys go to heaven

Jesus did indicate that in heaven, earthly marriage relationships will be different than we experience them down here, Matthew Dec 06, Wow. Joseph Okay, I don't see why people are so caught up on this. I mean, really? When I was like 5 I started liking guys. It is not a choice, I am attracted to guys and I never asked to be, plus I read something that says Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.

Jeremiah 1: So God knows where your life is going to lead. He knows your future, past and your present. I really don't think gay people should go to hell. It is not between anyone but yourself and God. All you people who say we're going to hell, you're judging us and its not your place because you don't know where we're going. Dec 06, Ignorance by: Anonymous From the dawn of time, Man has always shunned, rejected, and damned things they do not understand.

Dec 09, I Love God by: Confused I knew I was attracted to females a long time ago but my mom is against that. She talks bad about homosexuals all the time but in my heart I know im one.

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When she found out she went crazy. I disgust her now. I dont know if im going to hell but I love God. I pray to Him constantly in fear of burning forever. Ive been battling with this for years and im still confused. I can't help that im attracted to females. Dec 09, God created diversity by: Standing Straight For Gay Rights I believe everyone has the right to be with the one their heart tells them to be with.

It should not matter whether you are lesbian like yourself, gay like many others on here, or straight like me and the anti-gay "Christians" on here. We are born the way God intended us to be. Remember, God does not make mistakes. Dec 10, madness and incorrect information by: Anonymous correct god does not make mistakes but we do, if god intended for us to b gay then he would have given adam a husband not a wife, or he would have made 2 women. Dec 11, Wrong Information?

There are animals in the wild like monkeys who exhibit homosexual behaviors and there are others who can switch sex willingly.

I think it was some species of squid or octopus. So natural order is not a valid reason.

Homosexuality and Salvation

And again, just because it began as man and woman does not mean God wants us All to have heterosexual relationships. God is just. Gays do not decide to be hated, assaulted, damned, humiliated, and prosecuted. They do not decide to become gay and possibly be killed because of their sexuality. So to say they choose to be gay, you have to be gullible.

Dec 14, Homoexuals do go to hell by: Anonymous how about reading 1 corinthians 6: It clearly says homosexuals will go to hell. Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do no be decieved: Dec 14, The wilfully ignorant are beyond the reach of truth by: Rick Brentlinger Hey friend, this page started with a discussion of 1 Cor 6: Unlike you, we have read AND studied these verses. Dec 15, Hey Rick Anonymous I honestly don't know how you managed to interpret the Bible's words, which are very clear about homosexuality.

I rely more on the NT by the way. But really, how about speaking in love and not using ad-hominems? Anyways, like I said, the Bible is very clear about homosexuality and doesn't support it. I'm just saying the truth and I will not force anyone. Heck, I know I'm a sinner too. I'm just saying, stop twisting God's words. Dec 16, Homophobic prejudiced twisters by: Anonymous Man has twisted His words for centuries, hence all the versions of the Bible.

To say that Rick is twisting His words means nothing because it has already been twisted. Perhaps twisting it more will actually make it seem more like what God wants, not what homophobic prejudiced "true Christians" want us to believe.

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Jan 03, only God can judge and decide by: Not God every one one seems to be worried to see who is right and who is wrong, God will deciede in judgment day, b-cuz of our actions we will be judged. So wether we like it or not he is to blame God made man to his image and not to be forgoten! Jan 06, Rant from a moron - enjoy by: Anonymous This is a complete lie, how can you say that gays and lesbians arent going hell?!!

Jan 08, Investigate a little and focus on context by: Matt I am surprised at the lack of understanding of the Bible and christian beliefs in this comment section.

Jan 12, Confused but trying by: Anonymous I do not believe in God and haven't for a while now, for many reasons. I keep finding contradictions and flaws in the holy text. Also there's something I don't much agree with. My friend gets picked on for being gay. I'm a pacifist and not very good at standing up for what I believe in.

I tried to get them to stop picking on my friend but they keep telling me being gay is a sin. But if God positively made us, He also made gayness, right? Or are u gonna say that is Satan's temptation? I don't see why people who torture other people should think they can make it to heaven. It's evil of them, I think. I wish I could stop them but I'm too scared to stand up to them for my friend. Jan 12, Here is the answer to your confusion by: Rick Brentlinger I am so sorry that people are picking on you and your friend.

I admire your courage. Your comment encourages me to believe that you are stronger than you know. Rest assured, God sees your situation, He loves you and He wants to save you and fill your heart with His peace and your life with His strength. Please go to this Link: Saved and watch the short video.

Ask John: 'Can I be both bisexual and a Christian?'

I hope you will stay in touch with me and let me know what God is doing in your life. Many thanks for having the courage to comment. You are loved! Jan 16, no such thing as a queer christian by: Anonymous going to hell for their sick actions, queers pick and choose the parts of the bible that suits, george michael can tell u all that god loves you, but if you read the book youll find he doesnt.

Jan 16, I'm Too dumb to walk and chew gum - here's my incoherent thoughts by: Jan 17, Its up to you by: Truth Wow.. All sins are forgiven because Jesus dies on the cross for ALL of us. Homosexuality, beastiality, and suicide are abominations I. By the way, leading souls in the direction that hinders their salvation is also a sure way to lose your own salvation.

Jan 22, Gays will go to hell no matter what by: Anonymous Gays will always go to hell no matter what, Gays do not love Jesus or God because if they did they wouldn't have been gay. A gay cannot be Christian or a part of any Abrahamic religion. If you are gay you cannot be saved. Homosexuality is a permanent sin and has a permanent penalty, Hell-fire. God has made man AND women as companions.

Do you not forget the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Anonymous DO NOT lie to these people and make them believe that you can still go to heaven being gay , homosexual , bisexual or even transgender. It isn't right so stop supporting it , either repent and have God take that crap away from you or go to HELL!!!!

Jan 31, Must be a full moon again! Rick Brentlinger Quick, someone call the clown posse! Some of the inmates have escaped and got access to a computer. Under a full moon, they make their schizoid posts, ranting like lunatics, yet sane enough not to use their real names.

Okay Anonymous guys, you've had your 15 minutes of fame. Crawl back under your rock now.

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Buh bye. Feb 10, No Compromise by: Christ Follower Editor's Note: So many of you commenters parrot the same tired, jaded, goofy illogic. Don't any of you think? Don't any of you obey 2 Timothy 2: Do you have any plans to some day study the Bible instead of being spoon fed anti-gay idiocy? Anyone, anyone? No Compromise writes: I do not want to offend. I am not the judge, however God is. His word is true and clear. We like to twist the truth to meet our specific needs. The word of God does not conform to us, we must conform to it.

No matter what the sin is heterosexual, homosexual, sexual immorality of any kind Christ suffered and died for all kinds. If you are living a gay lifestyle and do not repent from that sin, but make it out to be normal and just in God's eyes, you will be sadly mistaken when you stand in front of Jesus on your judgment day.