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It will be such an amazing dinner. I drive to her house, happily, and enter. My sister soon handcuffs me. I'm confused. It's time for you to get punished! You're going to cry a lot, hehehe Melissa is a 15 years old girl.

She always had super stinky farts I've never been able to tolerate. My cousin Milly and I were hanging around at her house, her brother being in his dad's custody as her parents were divorced. We were alone because my parents brought her mom out for dinner to help her figure everything out.

She was excited I said yes as she wanted to do this since I was 9. She took no time tackling me and forcing my face into her skinny jean clad butt. She sat down with my face underneath her. I struggled as I didn't know she had this in mind, but started to slow down as I understood her plan. I sniffed at her buttcrack, trying to get the smell. I now knew that this was a fetish of mine now. She wiggled her thick booty on my face, trying to smother me. I kept sniffing at her musk. She left to grab an old, sweaty pair of underwear from the hamper.

She came. My Sister's Farts I'm 17, my sister is My sister and I don't get along too well, but I'd have to be blind to deny her beauty. She's always been good looking, and now that she's 14, she's just starting to really come into her body. Which I love.

Let me start off by describing her: She's short, maybe like 5'3 or so, nice chest with a huge ass. Gorgeous face. Although she's 14 now, and has seemingly gone through the stages of puberty, she doesn't seem to have any sexual desires ever Or so I thought.


She used to be scared to even hold a boy's hand, let alone do anything sexual with them. So knowing this, I always thought my chances with doing anything with her were limited. And you may be wondering where my desire for my sister even comes from Well it stems from an experience I had with her when we were younger.

See, I have a fart fetish.

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As many of you do. I always had one ever since I could jerk off, which is kinda rare. Anyways, after about a year of having this fetish, I must've been 12, so my. The Windy Babysitter A year old kid named Nathan and his mom are in the living. The mother is very well dressed.

I'm going on a fancy date with this interesting guy I met online. I'm waiting on your babysitter to get her.

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Just then, the door bell rang. The mother walked toward the door and opened it. She was wearing tight skinny jeans emphasized the size of her hips. And make sure he is in bed by 9: She then went to the fridge and found some leftover nachos. I'm sure your. Stories by crazykid Facesitting Story: Brooke sits on my face t There I was tired from a long car ride to pick up my 2 cousins from 3 hours away My one cousin Brooke, and my cousin Kayla. Kayla was 13 and pretty big for her age.

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But Brooke was 16 and very muscular for a girl. She was almost as tall as me and I was 19 at the time and 6'0 tall. She had the biggest butt i had ever seen. She acted like a tomboy but looked like a supermodel. Long blonde hair, tall, blue eyes and the biggest butt any 16 year old girl could possibly have. ON the way there we had a burp contest on the way to pass the time and she was a Burping Goddess.

I went first and it was probably like 2 seconds.

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  • You win. You are going to bow down to me and kiss my feet in the middle of the dunkin don. Mom's Farts Martin, a 14 years old boy from London, came home from school, he got a failing grade. His mom, a 30 years old girl who is very nice, tried to comfort him.

    Erika Martin's mom: They are noxious" Martin: By normal I do mean boring. At least I have Kyle. He always knows what can help me out; I was feeling down earlier after a couple of girls were laughing at me for still having a teddy bear, like they never had one growing up. Word got around that I still have a stuffed animal, I can only guess as to one reason for that. I could feel the ground around me rattle as my sister.

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    View More. More from DeviantArt giant curvy big brother This is a story about a little brother named jimmy who is sat on and used for sexual pleasure by his giant big brother ricky. Yes this story includes facesitting, fart fetish, foot fetish, giantess, gay like sex mainly oral. You've been warned! It was finally Friday and the school week was so tough and tiring but lucky for me Its Friday!

    Now I get to go home and play some video games in my room til the sunrise. Sadly my happy thoughts about the weekend quickly changed to fear because my big brother enjoys taking advantage of me in sexual ways and I can't do anything to stop him because 1 he's way stronger and taller and older than me; I'm a 14 year old skinny wimpy and I'm only 4'9 as for my brother he's 6'3, handsome and muscular with thick legs and a juicy bubble booty larger than the average butt and he is only 17 years old.

    Anyway as soon as I got home I ran upstairs to my room locked the door and just started to play video games and truly began to think that today. Get off my face! Yeah, I can still not forget when I had been waiting for him for a few minutes or so, while I was laying on his bed with my little cat head on his pillow and with my tail comfortably under me when his bedrooms door opened and someone had walked in. It was his sister, one of my friend Crimson's big sisters to be exactly. She was a six feet tall skunk wearing her usual white shirt under a black leather jacket and together with her black jeans that a silver chain was hanging on the right side from so was she pretty much looking a bit like someone who likes punk or rock music.

    I lifted my hand and waved at her with a friendly smile. In a tight spot Furry facesitting story Well, this is a pretty random story that I just came up with when I was bored and wanted to write something.

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    It was a pretty cold day, so I had grabbed my black leather jacket to cover my black fur.