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It is the place where Rama , with Sita and Lakshmana , came to offer pind-daan for their father, Dasharath, and continues to be a major Hindu pilgrimage site for the pind-daan ritual. Bodh Gaya , where the Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment , is one of the four holy sites of Buddhism. Gaya is named after the demon Gayasur meaning "the demon Gaya".

According to Vayu Purana , Gaya was the name of a demon Asura whose body became pious after he performed strict penance and secured blessings from Lord Vishnu. Even before this time, Gaya was a place of pilgrimage for people from around the world. The fame of ancient Gaya derived from the account in the Ramayana of the god Rama coming here to the banks of Phalgu River called the Niranjana , accompanied by his wife and younger brother, to offer pind-daan for their father Dasharatha , for the moksha of his soul.

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Gaya flourished in the Maurya Empire — BCE , which ruled from the city of Pataliputra adjacent to modern Patna over an area that extended beyond the Indian subcontinent. During this period, Gaya witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties in the Magadha region, where it occupied an important place in cultural history over some 2, years between the 6th century BCE and the 18th century CE. The city's cultural significance began with the dynasty founded by Sisunaga, who exercised power over Patna and Gaya around BCE.

Bimbisara , fifth king of the dynasty, who lived and ruled around BCE, had projected Gaya to the outer world. Having attained an important place in the history of civilization, the area experienced the influence of Gautama Buddha and Bhagwan Mahavir during the reign of Bimbisara. He visited Gaya, and built the first temple at Bodh Gaya to commemorate the Buddha 's attainment of supreme enlightenment.

Samudragupta of Magadha brought Gaya into the limelight, making it the capital of Bihar district during the Gupta empire. It is believed that the present temple of Bodh Gaya was built during the reign of Gopala's son, Dharmapala. By , it had become part of the Mughal Empire , and remained under its power until the Battle of Buxar and the beginning of British rule in Gaya, along with other parts of the country, gained its independence in As attested by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in the early nineteenth century, the city was divided into two areas: During the British rule , the commercial and administrative area of the secular zone was formally named Saheb Ganj by British policy reformer Thomas Law , who was a district officer in Gaya in the late nineteenth century.

Swami Sahajanand Saraswati , founder of the All India Kisan Sabha peasant movement in , established an ashram at Neyamatpur , Gaya, which later became the centre of the freedom struggle in Bihar. Many prominent leaders of the Indian National Congress visited frequently to meet Yadunandan Jadunandan Sharma when he was leader of Kisan Sabha, residing in the ashram set up by Swamiji. Yadunandan Sharma became the leader of the peasants of Gaya district and second-in-command to Swami Sahajanand Saraswati. Gaya played a significant role in the Indian Independence Movement.

From 26 to 31 December , the 37th session of the Indian National Congress was held in Gaya [11] under the presidency of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. It was attended by prominent leaders and luminaries of the Independence Movement, including Mohandas K. Gandhi , Dr. Rajendra Prasad , Dr. Gaya is the birthplace of eminent nationalist Bihar Vibhuti , Dr.

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Until , Gaya was a part of the district of Behar and Ramgarh now in the state of Jharkhand. It became a district of Bihar in its own right on 3 October The city of Gaya is a holy place of Hinduism , with a great number of Hindu deities represented in the engravings, paintings and carvings of its shrines. Of particular importance are the sites in the city associated with Vishnu , in particular the Phalgu River and the shrine Vishnupad Mandir , or Vishnupada, which is marked by a large footprint of Lord Vishnu engraved in a basalt block. Gaya has since remained a site of key importance for the performance of the pind-daan ritual.

Nearby Bodh Gaya "Buddha Gaya" , so named to distinguish it from the Hindu town centre of Gaya, is one of the four holiest sites of Buddhism and the site where the Buddha attained enlightenment. The main part of the present structure dates from the 5th—6th centuries CE. It is one of the earliest and best-preserved Buddhist temples built entirely of brick dating from the later Gupta period.

The various structures on the site have undergone a number of restorations over the centuries. Ongoing maintenance and management is required to protect the complex which, as a major pilgrimage site, is under pressure due to large numbers of visitors. As Gaya is surrounded by hills on three sides and river on the fourth side, the climate of Gaya is seasonable. Climate is characterised by relatively high temperatures and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. Gaya is the second-largest contributor to the economy of Bihar , after Patna.

Agriculture is the leading economic activity of the district. The main crops grown are rice, wheat, potatoes, and lentils. Livestock raised include cattle, buffaloes, goats and pigs.

Gaya has a large number of household industries, producing incense sticks atagarbatti , local sweets tilkut made with sesame seed and lai made with poppy seed , stone-work, hand weaving, power-loom weaving, textiles and garments, small-scale manufactured goods, and plastic products. Small-scale industries also include agricultural services, metalworking, machinery and equipment production and repair services. Commercial activities are located along its main roads; the city also has a large number of informal shops.

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