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As for those of us who are born and bred in the US, we are aware of the attitude of Pakistanis in Pakistan as well as what the mainstream Western people think. A lot of us have dual identification cards.

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We are used to living in two worlds and we know what to say and what not to say given the situation. Intrusive questioning and gossiping goes on here in the US among Pakistanis more because parents know what everyone has access to and the anonymity of societal freedom! That's why I don't quite buy your astonishment at the loutish behaviour of some Karachiites or the intrusive questioning of a dirty old man.

When the old man asks whether your friends are Chinese, why would you answer that they are mostly blonde. It sounds to me that you are trying to provoke a certain response.

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If an Auntie here in California were to ask me where I'm going and with whom, I wouldn't answer with some red head or some brunette! I think you are trying to portray yourself a great deal more naive than you really are. The world isn't that small a place any more. Yes a lot of our local Pakistanis behave poorly but how can you explain Pakistanis settled abroad who still behave poorly when they have been exposed to the world.

Bindu Rama Rao. It does appear that women are not expected to live alone, or even stay temporarily alone.

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God forbid if they want to buy a house and settle down alone. Things might be more difficult thanks to the resurgence of conservative notions and lifestyles in Pakistan in the last 10 years. Women may not be allowed by men to support themselves or even attempt to support themselves in such conservative societies.

Faisal Kapadia. Im surprised you took more than 5 mins to walk out of that conversation, well kudos at-least you had someone with you when you went in lol. Choc Heaven. Interesting article Extremely true! Fahad Khan.

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Pakistan society is mostly blamed for nothing: Perhaps they arrived at the wrong idea since you seem to insist on the usage of the term 'roommate'. Sadaf in Pakistan we often come across with cartoons like these, I hope you would have found a nice apartment by now which you should have mentioned here including the different people you met during deal.

Mahmood Ahmed. Useless article, maybe trying to create some humor out of nothing. One should try to learn the culture and attitudes of the natives, especially when one is single and woman and trying to find a room with no objections living with a male room mate. Roommate means a person sharing an apartment.

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It doesn't necessarily mean sharing a room. Mar 31, I would only suggest that if the writer has such a big problem with Pakistan and the way things work here, she can just pack-up and leave for good! That's it! Allah Hafiz. Hi Sadef, Not exactly sure what the point was, but I enjoyed reading it none the less. I've lived abroad and been on the housing hunt, and the truth is that you do come across more than a few caricatures.

Perverts will be perverts, odd balls will be odd balls and decent people will be decent people. I do remember a female friend of mine who lived in an all girls apt In New York where one of her room mates was 'dating' several celebs. Only later did she find out that she was in fact a prostitute. I can imagine that it's pretty difficult to find suitable living arrangements in Karachi and best of luck in your search.

Definitely rely on your local contacts to guide you, it's not common at all for single men and women to live together and don't advertise your passport unless your fishing for wedding proposals Guys and girls who have lived abroad both get it. To all who did not get the concept of this article The article is meant for Paki Stereotypes. I can very well relate to the conversation since my kids too have to undergo the same desi surveliance like I do every time we visit the desi land.

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I loved the Jello part and seriously thought that the dude's bro had rented to the place to Jello Company and not J-Lo One thing I've noticed is that why is it sooooooo important for everyone living there especially in DHA to let people know that how well their social network is. Knowing someone affulent is a big asset for them or does it make them look affulent? I am surprised that the DUDE did not propose you. I guesss we Pakistanis are still not ready to accept single women as professional and independant. I am sure you've never lived abroad and did not get the concept of this article.

What do you mean keh single women have no identity of their own These are the questions that are asked by most people even in Western counties so it is nothing new and not something that needs to be brought in front of Public or get published This article appears nothing but pointing fingers at Pakistani people, their way of renting out the place and asking questions If you can bear the smell of pork being cooked by your neighbour in western country then there is no need to be picky about these bits and peices. There are poor people all over the developing world who dream of a chance to go abroad to "mint money".

It's not their fault that they are tactless and poorly educated about how to speak to a stranger from abroad.

Pakistanis abroad understand how Pakistanis in Pakistan behave because many of the Pakistanis in the West are just as bad! I've had many uneducated people in Pakistan ask me how much money I make in the West but it also happens in North America among settled Pakistanis!

Some people don't have common sense or good manners. As for people in Pakistan, they also don't know how many Pakistanis abroad struggle in low paying labour jobs or those in Europe who live on social assistance. The problem also is that every overseas Pakistani who visits Pakistan likes to pretend he is a multi millionaire businessman to fool people! They crave attention too!

The reality is that many Pakistanis abroad do typical immigrant jobs that Westerners don't want like a cab drivers, convenience store owners, factory workers, security guards, gas station attendants. Apr 01, Sara, Have you lived abroad? As if by living abroad you get enlightened and now you can see and understand things that others can. Apr 02, I don't think that there's anything odd in all what you have written.

The point is, the older guy would be inclined to be flirty given the fact that a young lady is looking for a room and is willing to share the same with a guy. I would assume that this kind of search would in all likelihood entail the same response even in the US although the reactions in US males would be a bit subtle and more local.

I thought your willingness to check out the possibility is on the same footing as the older guys attitude. It may very well be that they were just fun loving people and were only trying to be friendly. What kind of guy were you expecting when you ventured out to share a room with him? A guy who would give you 'space' and 'respect'? That to my mind is a husband. I think you were socially and politically incorrect in trying to venture out and explore the possibility of sharing an apartment with a guy in Pakistan.

Needless to say that, except probably in California and New York, such effort would most probably entail the same reaction. Apr 07, I am sick of this word gori chamri why cant we all come up with a new line. I gess people whom never got a chance to live around the gori chamris will never understand what I am trying to say. Nadia Talha. Apr 17, Everyone has a freedom of expression, so whether this article was useless or useful is irrespective. Apr 21, All sorts of people and specially estate agent will kill you and drag their way in some some where, which one never knows.

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  5. All this seems pretty normal as the family lives in DHA so called posh area , where you find plenty of no-water, no load-shedding as they have their own power generation system pre-installed and yes rent which they ask in millions because of the name. Latest stories. Most popular Bailout package with IMF almost worked out: US not in Afghanistan to rebuild the nation, says Pompeo.

    Islamic State says it was behind Quetta's Hazarganji market bombing. F or JF — which was it? Modi allies in hot water over threats to Indian voters. Hazarganji blast. Modi's party chief vows to throw illegal immigrants in India into Bay of Bengal. Saudi Arabia executes Pakistani couple on drug-related charges. Must read. Hazaras are killed because they are Shia.

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