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As Cassie regains her role as Juliet after Marga Andrea Brillantes became sick due to her skin allegies, Marga eavesdropping on their parents' argument especially about Cassie's true identity being exposed by her mother Daniela, she uses this to threaten Cassie even further. Her threats were soon stopped by Daniela knowing her father will break ties with them if Marga reveals it. Alvin later released in prison after being secretly framed by Daniela for being a drug pusher and reunites with his older brother Hector Mangubat Joko Diaz who is the ring leader of illegal gambling and treating him as his little brother.

He frequently observes Romina at the company because of her beauty while stalking at Daniela after she hires him for her own devious plans from the beginning. Before the party, Cassie went to Navotas to see Nicolas to ask him about the truth but failed.

But when she returns to the company's thanksgiving party along with Kristoff Kyle Echarri and Marga, she bumped into Alvin before Daniela reveals to him that he had impregnated Romina while raping her but Alvin continues to threaten her for the money. After the thanksgiving speech and being told by Marga about Cassie went to Navotas to ask Nicolas about her true identity, Robert eventually found Cassie who asks Daniela about her true identity which he stops her from asking and letting her get home and was witnessed by Romina.

Since Robert didn't say to Cassie about her true identity and plans for a long vacation with his family, Cassie became upset causing a rift between her and her step-father. Alvin decides to work as a school janitor to watch over his biological daughter in school and also dislikes Marga and her behavior after they encountered each other.

He was also behind of putting the truthful letters on Cassie's locker to frame up Marga for her sarcastic behavior while he and Cassie faced each other when she shows him the photo of Marga while looking for the evidence, unaware that they were related as father and daughter and Alvin points out that it was Marga who put the letter causing Cassie to blame Marga, but not knowing that Alvin frames her for the cause.

Alvin also witnessed the brawl between Cassie and Marga when she pushed Cassie downstairs along with her, unconscious while blaming her for being scolded by her mother Daniela. Despite hurting Cassie from pushing off the stairs, Marga pretends to get hurt as well until her ruse of faking her arm injury was revealed by Kristoff and the other students in Maxwell after Cassie exposed it by using voice recording from her cellphone.

As soon as her conflict with Marga was getting worse and her relationship with her step-father was strained for overprotecting her and hiding the truth, Cassie was helped by Alvin by going to the hospital where her mother Romina gave birth to her several years ago. Cassie discovers that her surname Mondragon is not on the hospital's records but her mother's surname Andrada which makes Cassie upset upon hearing this as Alvin cheers her up, showing his niceness to his biological daughter. As Cassie returns home while Alvin is with her, he was punched in the face by Robert knowing that he was the one who sent the letters about Cassie's true identity and after Marga informs Romina about where both had went off too.

After Daniela threatens Alvin to leave as their conversation were overheard by Carlos, Cassie angrily questions her step-father about the hospital records.

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After Kristoff defends both Cassie and Marga from getting bullied by the entire class, Cassie's strained relationship with her step-father Robert later subsides when he exposes Alvin as an ex-convict who is framed by Daniela for being a drug pusher several years ago as Robert did not listen to his words and warns him to stay away from Cassie. In the birthday between both Cassie and Marga, both girls were kidnapped by Hector and his men after he previously threatens Robert about his friend Alvin and Cassie's true identity and he makes a kidnap for ransom for the both of them as his motives were witnessed by Alvin.

Romina also scolds Robert for keeping a secret to her when he was threatened by Hector and his demands. Despite Cassie being recaptured by her captors, she overheard what Marga said about her is not a Mondragon, exposing her true identity to their captors including Hector. Cassie demands Marga to know why she had said this and Marga tells her that she had overheard the truth when both of their mothers were arguing during the confrontation backstage and she shouldn't have said it to her if she was not here.

Hector remains unfazed after hearing about the truth, he took Cassie away with his men which makes Marga cries remorsefully for exposing Cassie about the truth. As the kidnapping for ransom are ready to engage, it was later foiled by Alvin when he saves Robert, Marga and Cassie from getting shot to make their escape, unharmed.

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Hector angrily scolds his brother for helping them. After rescuing both Cassie emotionally asked her step-father if he is not her father which Romina confirms the entire truth that Robert is not her father much to her horrible shock. Therefore, Romina later reveals to Cassie about she was given birth to her after getting raped as both emotionally hugged each other.

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Despite apologizing to Cassie for ruining her reputations in school after the kidnapping, she continued to ruin Cassie's reputation for not being a Mondragon while exposing her true identity to the entire school especially for being envy to see Cassie being given expensive gifts from Robert in their 16th birthday. Marga had went too far enough as she berated Cassie's mother Romina from getting impregnated from another man before she marries Robert, Cassie throws her some textbooks in a fury, admitting that she was not a Mondragon and her mother was a rape victim and she shouldn't said those things to her before immediately walking away, much to her horrible shock.

Due to her actions, the entire students glared at her mean streak while she was comforted by Kristoff as she cried remorsefully for her actions not knowing that Romina was a rape victim and the jealously she had with Cassie. Meanwhile, Romina reopens her rape case to find new evidence. Back at Maxwell, both Marga and Cassie had a personal catfight after vandalizing one of the cubicles in the girl's comfort room to show it to Cassie that she was lying as Marga pushes her away while stomping her glasses into the ground.

Later on, both families attending at the police station to see one of Andro's men who involves in the kidnapping while serving time in his prison cell. As they finally get home, Cassie and Robert are talking privately about Marga and Cassie has had enough of getting bullied. Robert reassures her that he was his daughter and anyone including Marga to hurt her any further he wanted to put an end of this trouble.

As Marga continues to bully Cassie, they immediately had a catfight for the second time and Cassie wanted to end of Marga's bullying which she tells their physical education teacher about the truth leading him to take Marga to the principal's office. Meanwhile after Romina tried to reason on one of Andro's men especially the anonymous caller who called her about the evidence, Hector orders his right-hand man to assassinate him which he succeeds. Back at the company Romina was called again by the anonymous caller, revealing to be Jessa as she blackmails her to exchange the evidence for a large sum of money, much to Romina's horrible shock as well as she received the photo of the evidence sent by her.

Jessa then watched the whole scene of the evidence within the CD she had found on the trash, which was supposedly burned by Nicolas.

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Romima realizes that she would get tricked once she gets the money as she put a tracking device on the bag with the money inside. After getting the evidence and failing to retrieve by both Daniela and Alvin due to him getting shot in the leg, both Romina and Robert also manage to arrest Myrna after allowing Jessa to escape since she was disowned by her own family for her lies and deception and was charged for estafa.

Both also sees the evidence who took her away, seeing that Nicolas was hiding the evidence as they confront, Romina angrily indicts him from the rape case. Therefore, Gino arrives to see his brothers Jude and Carlos about their mother and also knows of their father's actions while he waa looking for the CD. As Myrna was later freed in prison once Nicolas was arrested and jailed for hiding the evidence as Jude brings him a lawyer to help his father to get free.

Later, Hector conceals his illegal gambling business including heavy firearms from his daughter Roxy Criza Taa as she arrives in Manila to visit him. Despite she knew of her father's business, she was unaware that his business was illegal. Meanwhile, Robert learns that it was Alvin who stalked at Romina, was shot by the authorities while he and Daniela were also trying to get the evidence, causing Romina to find Cassie who's with him after their car broke down.

As Alvin was finally apprehended for raping Romina, she was furious for what he had done to her while being restrained by Robert. Before getting arrested, he was instructed by Hector to pretend that he didn't rape her and they had a nice relationship as well as his daughter Roxy to convince Cassie to free his brother. On their way home, Robert discovers a bloody letter found on a bloody figuring and the picture of himself which it was sent to Cassie as a gift and seeing that Hector is threatening his family.

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