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Peter Denyer Jeremy Bulloch. The first prime-time television series to have a gay character as its central lead although the character was in the closet for all 40 episodes. Terry Bader. Gruber was clearly depicted as gay, and interested in the series' lead character, Rene Artois Gorden Kaye. In the series finale's flash-forward scene, however, it was revealed that Gruber eventually married Pvt.

Helga Geerhart Kim Hartman.

British sitcom about two unemployed girls who share a London flat. Their neighbour Richard is gay. Two heterosexual brothers cope when third brother Cliff comes out as gay. Donald is Cliff's gay neighbor.


David Marshall Grant Peter Frechette. Two supporting gay characters, one an artist and one working in advertising. Focus of the episode Strangers. Women in Prison. Uniformed Police Officer Rick Silardi is openly gay, but seems to spend most of his time fending off the affections of his straight female police partner, Officer Mo DeMott Sydney Walsh , who wants to "save him" from being gay by making passes at him whenever possible. In the final episode, Rosanne Conner revealed that the last season was a story she'd written.

Her mother wasn't really gay but her sister was. Doctor Doctor. Richard is the openly gay brother of lead character Mike Stratford Matt Frewer.

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You Rang M'Lord? Drop the Dead Donkey. The Brittas Empire. Tim Marriott Russell Porter. Tim and Gavin are a couple working at the leisure centre, who, though out, choose not to tell some people due to fear of being fired. Their homophobic boss is innocently oblivious to their relationship for seven years. The Larry Sanders Show.

Troy was an Olympic gold medalist turned hairdresser. The John Larroquette Show. A drag queen who hangs out at the bus station where the lead character works. Daddy's Girls. Sinclair is a high-strung fashion designer. He was the first gay principal television character played by an openly gay actor. Peter and Barrett were Ellen's friends and a couple. The Vicar of Dibley. Jane Sibbett Jessica Hecht. Carol is lesbian and Ross's ex-wife.

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Susan is lesbian and Carol's girlfriend. It was the first lesbian wedding portrayed on U. The Pursuit of Happiness. High Society. The Crew.

David Burke. Public Morals. Short-lived sitcom based on the theatrical film [8]. Josh's sexuality was obfuscated as a running joke until the episode "Veronica Helps Josh Out", when he came out as gay. Stanford and Anthony are gay. Will and Jack are gay. Karen's bisexuality is implied.

In season 6, episode 2, "Last Ex to Brooklyn", when a woman at the dinner table says she drinks because it makes sex better, Karen reaches over and fills her glass with wine; and when she becomes upset and leaves, Karen says "Oh, yeah. Just where I was hoping this evening was going. Vince is Will's partner. John Ducey Ed Marinaro.

Ford is a married man who left his wife after realizing he was gay.

is jack israel ob gay dating sites

Strangers with Candy. Beggars and Choosers. Laffley is a television casting director who came out to disprove sexual harassment charges leveled at him by a woman. Gabriel Romero James C. Fernando and Kevin are gay. They are the first openly-gay characters on Spanish-language television, and first same-sex couple that marry. Grosse Pointe. Ted Johnson has a crush on his acting mate Johnny Bishop.

Kevin the P. Michael Harper. Gabriel Thompson. On 15 April , MailOnline reported that despite his earlier reputation as a womanizer, Michael would come out as gay to his parents in the tenth series. The Ellen Show. Some of My Best Friends. Jason Bateman Alec Mapa. Based on the film Kiss Me, Guido. Showcase season Netflix season John Dunsworth Patrick Roach.

The characters of trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey and assistant trailer park supervisor Randy are both bisexual men. ABC1 Seven Network. Szubanski is a Lesbian in real-life. Holland Taylor Amber Tamblyn. For most of the series, Evelyn is portrayed as a heterosexual but there are instances in seasons 8, 9, and 11 where she has lesbian sex with three different women, including actress Lynda Carter.

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Jenny joins the cast in season 11, the previously unknown daughter of Charlie. She engages in several one-night stands with various women. Thomas Lennon Mary Birdsong.